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"Go on, give it a try. May be you will like it, enjoy it or even decide to persevere for long time just like me. Don‘t let anything stop you or tell you otherwise."


Shimpy Kumari

Automation Test Engineer, IBM International Service Center, Slovakia


What kind of work did you dream to do at high school? Were you thinking back then, that you would work in IT?

To be honest, I wasn’t particularly thinking of IT as my dream job. I didn‘t know that I wanted to pursue and excel in technologies, before stepping into IT.

How did you get into the world of technologies? Did you study IT or did life bring you there?

I was selected in my college through campus recruitment. I wasn’t prepared for IT. I appeared just for the sake of trying something new and eventually got selected. Later, I decided to join IBM as my first company. I think that was one of the best decisions I‘ve made in my life.

Did your family and friends support your decision to join the tech world?

Totally. I come from India where there are many women leading in IT sector. Initially there was a bit of hesitation from family because I had graduated in Electrical Engineering but choose to work in IT. But, no one had anything againgst IT. I guess it was something new even for them since no one in my family was in IT Sector.

Please tell us a little more about your work. Why do you love it?

I am an Automation Test Engineer. I automate testing processes and make use of different tools available in the market for the same purpose.

Coming to IT industry was accidental but staying in IT was my choice and there were several reasons for that. I absolutely loved the growth mindset in IT Industry. As compared to other industries, I find IT Sector very modern and competitive. I am personally a growth mindset person and the kind of culture that IT exposed me to was quite aligned with my purpose. If you’re someone who is interested in taking up new challenges, always willing to change then, you’re totally made for IT.

What does your company do?

I am part of an organisation within IBM whose mission is to make IBMers more productive at work by helping them solve their problem fast.

What do you like about working in IT?

Visibility of my work.

If you are bringing innovation and improving the process or even suggesting a better version of a method, you will soon become a reliable resource for others. You gain immediate respect from leaders and they start counting on you. I think that is really empowering.

I also like the idea of continuous improvement and changing mindset.

What are the advantages from your point of view?

The advantages for me are a lot. For me, work satisfaction is of utmost importance. I feel satisfied when I am creating something, when I am adding values, bringing difference and ultimately making someone’s life easier. I get to achieve all of that through my work.

What is the ratio of men vs women at your team? Would you change it?

Well, I am not aware of any other women into technologies. I am spending most of my time working and solving problem with my male colleagues. The women around me are mostly into leadership, finance or accounting business and those are also very good areas where women can showcase their unique skills.

I’d definetely encourage more women to take part in IT. If you find yourself interested, there is nothing that should stop you from pursuing this career.

Have you ever experienced any prejudice towards you?

Not really. It depends on your company’s culture as well but at the end it all depends on one’s attitude towards these kind of things. I find myself more sensible than sensitive person. I come from a very diverse country India. So, I am pretty used to handling people from different culture and background. Rather than taking things personaIly, I try to maintain a right balance of personal and professional relationship with my colleagues.

Would you want more women in IT? Why?

Absolutely. Who doesn’t want sisterhood around, right? 🙂  It would definetely be a plus to see more women around. I didn‘t know that I liked my job so much before I tried my hands on it. So, my message to other women would be –  Go on, give it a try. May be you will like it, enjoy it or even decide to persevere for long time just like me. Don‘t let anything stop you or tell you otherwise.

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